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Body Sculpting/Contouring

The most technically advanced full-body system on the market today that harnesses the full benefits of MICRO, NANO and PICO technologies.  OS2911 is programmed with a unique set of patented signatures that promise to deliver several effects, regenerating ATP production resulting in collagen and connective tissue growth factors.

The machine features functions for body sculpting Level 1 and Level 2.  The programs use a unique patented delivery system that maximizes signal conformity with a built-in body impedance monitoring computer.  

A primary set of signals set perfectly that will facilitate cellular permeability maximizing detoxification, lipolysis and hydrolysis of triglycerides in fat cells (Level 1 shrinking of fat).  

A secondary set of frequencies is set to elicit intense muscle contractions yielding lympathic drainage, detoxification, toning and muscle building.  Thus resulting in contractions also increase the secretions of catecholamines which help synergize lipolysis in adipose tissue (Level 2).  The combination of frequencies composes a unique and specific frequency signature of bioelectric energy which in turn consequently results in immediate detoxification, toning and slimming effect in the treated area.  Bioelectric processes are monitored through built-in biofeedback computer for optimum program values for every client.


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